LTD «Tureb» - hunting, fishing and extreme tourism
Knyazhpogost area
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   LTD "Tureb" organizes hunting, fishing, extreme holidays. The territory is located in the public area of ​​the Komi Republic Knyazhpogost 250 kilometers from the capital - the city of Syktyvkar. The total area of ​​land of 295 hectares.

   Services are provided at stations and reservoirs in the territory of the state Ichthyological reserve "Vym" republican values.
   Amazing forest landscapes, primitive state of nature, healthy air is pine and pine forests with game, a lot of animals, rivers and lakes with pure spring water, beautiful place to gather mushrooms and berries, located in the reserve, make this area very attractive not only for hunters and fishing, but also for tourists.

   Fish fauna of these lakes are species such as pike, burbot, minnow, ruff, grayling, whitefish. According to the fishermen - lovers who visit the lake, caught a big pike.

   Much of the land is covered with beautiful mixed forests, meadows and marshes. Land in the territory of Ltd. "Tureb" there are many picturesque lakes.

   In this territory, the following types of recreational hunting:

  • hunting for upland game, with the dog either approach;
  • hunting for waterfowl in flight;
  • Hunting for elk, with the approach of the pen;
  • bear hunting with a dog or a den;
  • spring hunting in males (capercaillie, black grouse on a lek);
  • Spring hunting drakes with a stool pigeon.

   Welcome to our picturesque corner!

   We'll give you an unforgettable experience of an exotic fishing trip to northern rivers and lakes. Leave your comfort of home for the unexplored corners of nature. Experience the beauty, diversity and originality. Test your endurance and fortitude in the North. Treat yourself, your friends and relatives, partners and colleagues a memorable hunting and fishing.

   It is a safe, full of emotions and impressions rest, giving a huge charge of positive energy.

   Throughout the route you will be accompanied by representatives of the company responsible for security and organization of the tour.
   We take into account all your requests and wishes, professional hunters will help you choose equipment, delivered to the base and advise the best places for hunting and fishing.
   Ltd "Tureb" offers tours and developing special routes (both for family holidays, and also for collective trips), so that our customers get the most experience in the shortest possible time and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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