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Cost of the tour routes in rub.

№ 1. Lake Chisva-you and the lake Chisvinskie from 120 000 rub.
№ 2. River Vorykva from 120 000 rub.
№ 3. River Vym (rifting 220 km) from 150 000 rub.

The cost of these routes include:

transfers from a place of gathering, Syktyvkar, t.Emva, v. Meschura to a place of rest;

  • POL;
  • work of the conductor;
  • permission to fish;
  • Bath;
  • boats;
  • tourist equipment rental;
  • bedding;
  • brazier;
  • portable smokehouse, etc.

Hunting may be carried out at a bargain price, but also can be designed according to the customer individual routes, according to the price list for services for hunting and fishing provided by Ltd "Tureb."

On all routes are allowed the following gear:

  • float rod;
  • fly fishing;
  • spinning;
  • Small spinners, fly (no more than 5 pieces on fishing gear).

Note: Hunting for a licensed game is paid for separately.


№1. Rent recreation "Cordon 27 km"
№2. Rent recreation "Lake"
№3. Rent recreation "Cordon Vorykvinsky"


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